How It Works

What Reverse Parenting Offers

1 on 1 Consultations

1 on 1 consultations are the most direct and personalized way to teach you how to help your parent. Because the issues can be multifaceted, our team of experts are from a multitude of fields relating back to elder care. From medical advice, to elder law and finances; we are here for you.
Only Members have access to request a consultation.

Subscriber Resource Portal

Subscribers have access to an array of information from articles written by the team in their respective fields, instructional videos, and more resources. Our team is constantly updating with new information from the news to their own experience and expertise. Members upon sign up have FREE access to the portal for 1 month.

Resources for Caregivers

We have tools and resources to help guide you through this all. From how to care for your parent, polypharmacy, keeping your finances in check; to how to reduce your own stress, and how to care for yourself while caring for your parent and family.

Memory Resources

Take a walk down memory lane. The portal contains a multitude of memory resources that are there to help stimulate your elderly parent's mind and memories. There are more resources for the patient including exercises that are elderly friendly, relaxing music, and more.

Reverse Parenting was developed to help people with older parents and/or family members to understand the disease, help patients achieve a better quality of life, while keeping expenses in check. This site allows you to speak with a geriatric specialist through teleconferences in the comfort of your home. The specialist can view both you and your relative to go over your issues and give you suggestions to help you make important treatment decisions. The site also offers specialists in the legal, financial and social areas.

There is a large amount of information for both the caregiver and the patient. From exercises that can be done in a chair, to articles and tips as well as memory resources to help stimulate your patient's memory. Whether you sign for a subscription to have access to our research content or choose a membership in order to schedule 1 on 1 consultations, this site will help you navigate this difficult journey while not wasting your funds.

How to Join

Joining Reverse Parenting

Registering for a subscription or membership is quick and easy. Caregivers can choose if they want just a subscription, or a membership and which level that is right for them and their parent. Subscribers have access to resources for them and their parent, while members can schedule consultation with Dr. Peter Fish and receive a free subscription for a month.

Subscriber Portal & Resources

The Resource Portal becomes available to you and your parent as soon as your registration is complete, allowing you information at your fingertips, and through out your subscription. Members can benefit from their free 1 month subscription before and after their consultation.

Consultations for Members

Scheduling and preparing for your 1 on 1 consultation is just as easy. Dr. Peter Fish will help you based on your elderly parent's needs, as well as your own needs. Additionally guiding you through all of the questions and hurtles you are likely to encounter while being a caregiver. He will also advise you if a specialist is required for you and your parent in another field.
*Reverse Parenting does not accept Medicare or Insurance.