James Mahlmann

Technology Consultant

James A. Mahlmann started NetCetra LLC in 1994 to develop marketing content for clients in his audio video business. After achieving success within the audio field, he shifted the emphasis of his business to internet technology. He became so successful that he shifted the emphasis of his business to internet technology. His business has expanded from design to internet marketing and web site hosting. As the business developed, he continued to expand in the audio video side of the internet business.

"I always felt even in the slow moving internet of the 90's that eventually technology would aid in the continual development of the A/V field. It was a little rocky for a while. Web TV was celebrated as the next big thing and it proceeded to crash just as fast as it rose to big exposure. I was fortunate to get involved in a data center early in our business cycle. This allowed me to experiment with many different aspects of the business.  Even Internet Marketing has a sophisticated degree of technology mixed into it. It has been a very exciting experience.

Professional Resume

Currently Managing Partner for NetCetra LLC for 27+ years
Offering: Web Design, Programming, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Email Servers, Web Hosting, Co-Location Center for Businesses, Virtual Private Servers and Cloud Applications (Windows and Linux), Spam Filters and On-Line Back Up.

Article by Jim

Fake Emails Are Very Dangerous

Learn how to spot a fake emails, common methods to get people to fall for their tricks.

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Current Position

Managing Partner of NetCetra LLC


Ocean County Vocational Technical School
MODC(Monmouth Ocean Development Council)
NJBIA (New Jersey Business & Industry Association)
OCC (Ocean County College)
Certified Google Adwords Partner
Coalition For Technical Education

Team Members

Dr. Peter N. Fish
Gina-Marie Reitano
Norine Wong