Dr. Peter N. Fish

Geriatric Specialist

Dr. Peter N. Fish is a Physician Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. He serves as a medical director for a hospice organization and over a dozen skilled nursing facilities.  He also supervises over twenty nurse practitioners in 12 states.

He is the visionary who, based on his years of experience, saw a need for a platform like Reverse Parenting. "I have been involved with long term health care for enough years to realize that most families enroll their parents in one of these facilities before they have many of their most important questions answered. Asking many of these questions after their parents are already enrolled can cause significant problems or issues in their long term care."

In addition to practicing medicine for 23 years, Dr. Fish is an Army medical officer who dedicated 21 years of service to America.  He has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, is a qualified Flight Surgeon, and currently serves as a Brigade Surgeon. He has made many television and radio appearances, News 12 N TV ‘12 To Your Health,’ 2/18/2015 and WPDH Radio, Boris and Robin in the Morning, 10/2017, to name a few, and is a published author. He has a passionate commitment to the care of our nations’ seniors.

Professional Resume


    • Officer-in-Charge, Military Medical Operations
  • 2/2021 - Present  Tapestry Health, Inc.
    • Medical Director, Geriatric Services, Post-Acute Care, Telemedicine
  • 11/2018 - Present Hudson Valley Hospice  (30 clinical hours/month; telemedicine, geriatrics)
    • Medical Director, Dutchess Country
  • 2/2021 - Present  University of Kentucky, Family Medicine Residency Program
    • Lecturer, Clinical instructor
  • 3/2020 - 7/2020    Task Force COVID, NY ARNG
    • Brigade Surgeon, Lieutenant Colonel, 369th Sustainment Brigade
  • 1/2018 - Present  Physician, Brigade Surgeon, Major
    • 369th “Harlem Hellfighters” Sustainment BDE, NY Army National Guard

Current Position



American Board of Internal Medicine
American Medical Association
American Medical Directors Association
The Society for Post Acute and Longterm Care Medicine

Team Members

James Mahlmann
Gina-Marie Reitano
Norine Wong