Gina-Marie Reitano, Esq.

Elder Law Attorney

Gina-Marie Reitano is an attorney in private practice on Staten Island, New York since 1986.   A graduate of Hofstra Law School at age 22, where she was an editor of the Law Review.   Ms. Reitano specializes in real estate law, elder law, matrimonial law, estate law, and guardianship law. She has participated in trials in all areas.  Ms. Reitano has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from St. John’s University.  She has been deemed an expert in the field of guardianship law in New York, Kings, Richmond and Queens County in New York City, and is routinely appointed the New York State Supreme Court in every borough (with the exception of the Bronx) to act as guardian and to conduct turnover proceedings and litigate on behalf of incapacitated persons.

Ms. Reitano is a certified court mediator and has logged more than 60 hours of mediation training, most recently participating in the NYCID Mediation Internship.  She currently acts as guardian/trustee for more than 40 incapacitated people and has more than $35,000,000 under management.  She has remained a sole practitioner, so that every client receives the benefit of her insight and knowledge on a one-on-one basis.

Central to Ms. Reitano’s practice is her strong belief in honest representation. She often assists clients in avoiding the use of the legal system where available, legal, and appropriate.

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Currently maintaining offices for the practice of law at
1 Edgewater Plaza, Suite 211, Staten Island, New York 10305

Article by Gina

The Basics in Planning for Elderly Parents

The last members of the Baby Boom generation are caught in a difficult and unprecedented time. Our parents or other relatives are living longer, accumulating more, and sometimes needed care while we are still caring for our children.

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Elder Attorney


Served on the Board of Seamen’s Society (2011-2014)
Ad Hoc Member of the Governance Committee of the Staten Island Museum (2011 – 2017)
Trustee of the Staten Island Museum (2018 to date)
Treasurer of the Staten Island Museum (2019 to date)

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